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Resourcing Resilience

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Feeling the pressure?

Performance anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and loss of motivation can strike at every level of experience, competence and ability.

Whether you’re an individual or a team working in a high-pressure environment, I can help you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would really love to be. I will support you to reconnect with your sense of purpose and clarify your goals as well as the steps to achieving them. You will emerge from the coaching process resourced and empowered not only to tackle the challenge that brought you to coaching, but future professional and personal challenges too.

How can Coaching help me?

Do you find that performance anxiety, perfectionism or procrastination get in the way of you achieving your goals? Do you base your self-worth on your own or others’ opinions of your achievements? Do you sometimes feel like an imposter?

Perhaps you are confident in your own performance, but are not finding the fulfilment that you once did. Maybe you aren’t achieving the work / life balance you want. Perhaps you find it hard to say “no” to things or people in order to focus on what really matters. Maybe you are no longer sure what really matters and are wondering about making some changes.

These are just some of the issues that clients have brought to coaching sessions with me over the past few years. In the coaching space I turn towards my clients’ strengths, values and creativity, and together we work to increase both self-knowledge and resilience, reconnecting with purpose and stepping out towards a more meaningful and fulfilled future.

Current and former clients include:

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