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Do you want to transform surviving into thriving?

During the first two years of the global pandemic,  I worked with performing artists who had lost their livelihoods and their artistic voices overnight and needed a space in which to re-imagine their creative futures; head teachers who were trying to maintain flagging staff morale whilst facing some of the most difficult decisions and challenges of their careers; arts leaders who were attempting to negotiate the rapidly changing landscape whilst trying to save their organisations from extinction; charity workers who dearly wanted to provide a safe and compassionate service to their clients while many day centres were forced to close; international students who were isolated thousands of miles from home and wanted to retain their motivation and parents who were trying to work from home or on the front line, whilst caring for and supporting the education of their young children and in some cases, grieving for loved ones. 

Whilst the experience of each and every client was unique, what every one of them came to me for, was a supportive and non-judgmental space in which they could express grief for what they had lost, together with a resourcing process that enabled them to respond more adaptively to the daily challenges they faced, and a space for reflection so that they could grow through that process, emerging from it stronger and more able. This connected, compassionate and courageous process is resilience coaching.

I love creating bespoke resilience-building programmes for individuals and groups. Recent projects have included co-designing and co-delivering a 6 month programme of 1:1 and group coaching activities to support and improve individual and team resilience among frontline workers in the homelessness sector; delivering online “Resilient Musician” workshops to brass players from across the globe and designing and delivering a unique resilience-building programme for singers who are at the start of their professional careers.

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My Reviews

HeadteacherSurrey Primary School
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I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jo over the past eighteen months in what has been one of the most challenging periods of my career so far. In the confidential coaching space that Jo created, I was able to think deeply and challenge my own thoughts and ideas about the direction I was taking and would eventually need to take with some extremely challenging circumstances. Jo enabled me to take steps that I wouldn't have considered possible before. Just talking about possible outcomes, the way I could manage these and planning what I wanted- helped me to see that a positive result was possible at a time when this seemed an impossibility. Jo was my sounding board. We could talk through anything- without judgement. Her skills to allow you to think more deeply and find solutions within yourself are, in hindsight, phenomenal. In one of the most demanding 18 months in my working life, Jo helped me find a way through, I am eternally grateful to her.
Tom Hooten Principal Trumpet - Los Angeles Philharmonic
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Jo Hensel is an amazing person doing what I consider to be some of the most important work for artists: focusing on physical self-care, optimism, and helping to create a renewed sense of how to care for ourselves as humans and musicians.
JMCreative Producer
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I was lucky enough to have a series of coaching sessions with Jo when I was facing the prospect of redeployment or redundancy at work. After 14 years in my role, I had come to a daunting career crossroads. We immediately built up a good rapport. She is an excellent coach who is warm, supportive, understanding and encouraging, whilst also being fun and creative. Jo helped me to address the complicated issues I was facing at work and in my personal life. This allowed me to think beyond self-imposed limitations and to get real clarity about what it is I wanted to do. I was consequently able to identify new goals and progress with them. I have found myself to be much more productive following each coaching session, and more realistic in what I have been setting myself to achieve. Jo has helped me to me find focus, purpose and direction, and I am extremely grateful to have been coached by her.
Lin RichardsonHead of Grants, Charity Sector
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Jo was brilliant to work with. She's a great listener with a kind, non-judgemental manner and I felt able to share my challenges and insecurities with her from very early on. She gave me some great tools to use to reframe how I look at my life and working with her has made me more mentally resilient. What I used to consider challenging situations and pressure at work are now viewed in an entirely different, more positive way!
EKformer partner – leading multinational corporate law firm
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I have had the privilege to both be coached by Jo 1:1 and to have observed her coaching others in a group setting. Jo creates a calm and safe space for her clients, enabling them to share their true thoughts and vulnerabilities in a very supportive environment. With Jo’s help, I have achieved a real depth of self-awareness, which in turn has enabled me to explore practical and effective actions which work for me, as an individual. She is a master at listening attentively, offering observations which help unlock deeper trains of thought, and gently challenging when appropriate. I would highly recommend Jo as a coach.
Julia MirkinFunding Manager, City Bridge Trust
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Jo has devised, led and contributed to group training and learning events that I have both programmed and attended, with ease, focus and professionalism. She brings extensive knowledge of resilience development and positive psychology to her work as a trainer and coach. This rich knowledge base complements Jo’s experience of training musicians and of performing and recording as an artist in her own right. What makes Jo distinctive as a facilitator is her creativity and open-mindedness, which is seen in her ability to make connections between her areas of expertise and the work of others. My work with Jo has seen her with a variety of different people from different backgrounds and professions. She approaches this work with a subtle awareness of people’s feelings, vulnerabilities and strengths and deeply held values of respect, quality and a joy for enabling learning and growth. Jo approaches projects with dedication, energy and curiosity, which motivates her to go the extra mile to really maximise success. I can confidently recommend Jo as a reliable and creative professional who brings great integrity and passion to all of her work.

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